Company formation in Slovakia with local individual nominee director. S.r.o. company limited liability for the amount of capital and low profit flat tax rate of 19%. Slovak s.r.o. is an affordable solution for establishing small or medium business in the European Union.

General information on Slovakia
  • Location: Central Europe
  • Total area: 49,035 Km2
  • Population: 5,426,252
  • Official language:Slovak
  • Official currency: Euro
  • Time zone: CET (UTC+1)
  • Our fees for incorporating and registration of acompany inSlovakiais $ 3299.
  • Annual Renewal Fees is $ 1999.
Incorporation Package includes:
  • Professional services for preparation and submission of documents to registrar.
  • Payment of state duty for registration of a company.
  • Acquisition of a registeredoffice.
  • Apostille set of organization documents.
  • All Corporate Documents.
Basic Requirements for Company Formation:
  • 1 Director.
  • 1 Shareholder.
  • MinimumShare Capital: 5,000 EUR (Limited Liability Company), 25,000 EUR (Joint Stock Company).
  • Arranging Public Notary procedures.
  • Appointment of an Accountant.
  • Physical Office is required.
  • Payment of various Compliance fees.
Documents Required:
  • Proof of identity (Current valid Passport, National ID card).
  • Proof ofResidential Address of the chosen Shareholders and Directors.
  • Resolution to open a bank account, rent an office, appoint first director/shareholder, engage a Phone, Internet & Website service provider, hire a staff member/s.
  • Agreement authorizing to represent the company in commercial negotiations.
  • Resolution issuing a Power of Attorney authorizing to sign documents on behalf of the company.
  • Register of directors/shareholders.
  • Trade licenses.
  • M & AA, Certificate of Incorporation, Latest Annual returns and financial statements in case of a Corporate Shareholder.
Incorporation Timeframe

The Timeline for incorporating a company in Slovakia is 3-4 weeks.

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