Shop FAQ’s

All credit/debit card transactions on our website are processed through PayPal or other secure and trusted payment gateways managed by leading banks. You can enter your credit or debit card information during the checkout process to complete the payment. You can also pay for your order using your PayPal account.
If you prefer to pay for your order using a bank wire transfer, an invoice will be sent to you with the required bank details. Please ask your bank about international transfer charges and add these fees to your invoice, or make certain that all bank charges are paid by yourself and not deducted from the amount sent, to ensure that the full amount of the invoice is received by us.

Your online debit/credit card transactions are protected by advanced security solutions based on international standards managed by the leading banks and trusted payment processors.
As an additional layer of security we support 3D secure technology “Verified by Visa” and “MasterCard Secure Code”, which makes online transactions safer. If your bank has implemented 3D Secure, you will be redirected to your bank’s website in order to provide an additional password during checkout.
Starting Business does not have any access to your 3D secure password and we will never contact our customers to ask for 3D password or any other card details. You must never disclose the password to anyone – this is how you guarantee your card is secure. If you cannot remember your 3D Secure password, please contact your bank.

Company Formation FAQ’s

We start processing your application as soon as the online purchase is completed. Processing times vary depending on the company type and jurisdiction chosen. Usually International Business companies can be registered within several working days (depending on jurisdiction chosen) upon receipt of all required documentation and information. Please note, that we need up to 10 working days for legalization of the corporate documents and delivery of the new company package to you by courier.

Companies can be incorporated remotely and Most of the international banks we cooperate with do not require a personal visit and the account opening procedure may be completed remotely.
If a personal interview is required, we will arrange your meeting with the bank officer in the nearest branch or representative office.

You will have to choose 5 names for our company; you need to let us know about it so we can check the availability of the names.

Upon registration of your company all corporate documentation will be sent to you as scanned copies by e-mail and couriered to your designated address.

Offshore Banking FAQ’s

An Offshore bank account is an account opened in a bank by a non-resident of the country. The typical reason for an individual or company to have an offshore account is to benefit from low tax jurisdictions among other favorable conditions for banking.

Offshore banking is available for both corporations and individuals.

Depending on the bank you choose, it takes around 3-4 weeks for bank account opening, it also depends on how soon you provide us with all your documents.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to have a high-level of financial sophistication to have an offshore account. Such accounts are not always opened with the sole intention of benefiting from favorable banking terms, there are scenarios where an individual needs such an account to run their day-to-day affairs oversees. Such individuals may need an offshore account to avoid things such as currency fluctuations or simply to receive their salary in a foreign country.

The average person may find it very difficult to obtain an offshore credit card. This is due to the fact that extending a credit line to an offshore location is much too risky for the bank. Such credit cards are issued only to individuals whose credit history is reliable and known to the bank or have a long-standing relationship with the bank. However, debit cards are usually provided with such accounts.

The issue of taxation is a multi-faceted one when it comes to offshore banking. Holders of offshore accounts are legally required to declare their income to the relevant authorities.

Opening an offshore bank account is advantageous for many reasons; here are a few that you may find apply to you too;
Offshore banking presents the option of keeping one’s money in an economically and politically stable jurisdiction. This is mostly important if the client feels like their home country may fall into turmoil and cause their assets to be seized, frozen or disappear.
There are higher interest rates available with banks abroad Having an option between different currencies is a great way to protect your purchasing power. Since local banks offer few options for currency diversification, offshore accounts are a better option since you can use diversified currencies.

Access to the money deposited in an offshore account is straightforward. The account holder can use debit cards as well as online wire transfers to access and move money around. The development of banking using technological has made it possible to access the money from anywhere in the globe. Apart from cash withdrawals and debit cards, clients can also use travelers’ checks and bank transfers to access their funds.

There are a lot of safe ways to deposit money into an offshore account. The safest way of doing it is using a wire transfer, which will send the money directly to your account from wherever in the world you are located. Another common method is to use FedEx or such a courier to transport the money using international money orders.

Using wire transfers is among the preferred methods of moving money around in offshore accounts. The idea is also more convenient and safer and also opens the account up to local banking facilities.

We advise you to check the local laws of your home country depending on that you need to see if you are required to disclose this information in your country.

The minimum balance required for an account varies greatly according to the type of account. The amount varies between a few thousand dollars to a million. Usually the minimum balance lies around a figure equivalent to 1,000 to 10,000 USD, GBP, Euro or the equivalent in other currencies.

As a matter of fact higher interest rates may be one of the reasons a person opts for an offshore account.

Licensing Solutions FAQ’s

The Licenses are required for the following type of businesses (however not limited to these businesses):

  • Brokerage
  • Financial trading
  • 3rd party asset management
  • Investment services
  • Gambling

Our team of experts will help you decide on which license the exact business needs, which institution should be involved and what documents should be submitted.

We will guide you step by step for the process to be followed for obtaining Licensing for your business including preparing all documentation for you, paying government fees on your behalf.
You can be rest assured that we will quickly process your application, provide you with complete support from start to end until your Licensing process is completed.

Merchant Services FAQ’s

Our experts can help you choose different payment methods. You need to fill in a simple application form with all you requirements so we can prepare an advanced profile for you and present it to various payment gateway providers and then we can help you get the best suitable payment solution option for your business.

We allow our customers to choose between different payment gateway solutions. Their accounts can be connected to different gateways and they can use different payment methods for their traders.
We offer credit and debit cards, e-wallets, bank-to-bank transfers, prepaid cards and other payment methods.