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Hong Kong Private Limited Company is an ideal vehicle for asset protection and international trade, investment and financial management, yacht registration. A Hong Kong company is tax exempted if the income does not derived from Hong Kong. Usually Hong Kong company is used by the holding and investment companies as well as regional headquarters.

General information on Hong Kong
  • Location: People’s Republic of China
  • Total area: 2755 Km2
  • Population: 7,374, 900
  • Official language: Chinese and English
  • Official currency: HKD (Hong Kong Dollar)
  • Time zone: (UTC+8)
Incorporation Cost

The Cost of Incorporation of a company in Hong Kong is $ 1599.

The Renewal Cost of the company for the second year is $ 1199.

Incorporation Cost is inclusive of

Company Registration and Business Registration Fees

Certificate of Incorporation

Business Registration Certificate

Company Registration Documents

Articles of Association

First Director’s meeting resolution

Registered Office address

Company Secretary

Note: All Government fees are included in the Incorporation Fees

Company Formation Information

Upon receipt of the client’s KYC documents (passport copy, proof of address, bank reference letter issued within the last 3 months) and description of the intended business activity, and after our legal department’s due diligence checks, Pinki will incorporate the Limited Company via our Hong Kong-based agent as it is necessary for the registered office of the company to be maintained in Hong Kong at the address of a licensed management company.

Incorporation Timeframe

One to two days.

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