Formation of Delaware Limited Liability Company is the best solution for starting your business due to low formation and maintenance cost, no minimum capital requirements, no sales, personal property or corporation income taxes and limitation of liabilities of members and managers. Low-cost solution for conducting your international business outside of United States.

 General information on Delaware
  • Total Area: 5130 km2
  • Total population: 945, 934
  • Time zone: Eastern: UTC −5/−4
  • Currency: Pound Sterling
  • Official Language: English
What we offer
  • Register your Company in Delaware in 2-3 weeks.
  • We provide you with the most competitive price.
  • We maintain complete confidentiality.
  • A dedicated relationship manager will assist you throughout the process.
Incorporation Package Price
  • Our fees for Registration of a Delaware LLC in the state of Delaware (when taken with annual services): $ 750.
  • Our fees for Registration of a Delaware Corporation in the state of Delaware (when taken with annual services): $ 750.
  • Take on/Compliance Fee-one off fee for completing initial Client Due Diligence (CCD) and take on process: $ 200.
Incorporation Package includes

Professional services for preparation and submission of documents to registrar

  • Payment of state duty for registration of a company.
  • Acquisition of a Registered office/address.
  • All Corporate Documents.
Basic Requirements for Company Formation
  • 1 Director &1 Shareholder.
  • Physical Office is required.
  • Arrangement of first Organizational meeting.
  • Preparation of Statutory Records.
  • Filings of Corporate register.
  • Payment of Annual Compliance fee.
Documents Required
  • Copy of Passport for all Shareholders and Directors.
  • Proof of Residential Address.
  • M & AA, Certificate of Incorporation, Latest Annual returns and financial statements incase of a Corporate Shareholder
Additional Services
  • Nominee Director: $ 500
  • Nominee Shareholder: $ 500
  • Special power of attorney: $ 300
  • Certificate of Good Standing (apostilled): $ 300
  • Set of corporate documents: $ 300
  • Certificate of Incumbency (apostilled): $ 400
Important information about Delaware

The Delaware LLC is a unique non-taxable offshore corporate structure, frequently used for conducting international business outside of the United States. It is preferred to U.S. C Corporations, as these corporations must file income tax returns on their worldwide income even if they owe no U.S. taxes, do no business in the U.S., and are owned by non US citizens/residents. A Delaware LLC also has better asset protection features than C Corporations.

Company name

The Delaware LLC company may not use a name identical or similar to an existing company within the State of Delaware. The use of the following words is also prohibited: Bank, Insurance, or Reinsurance. After Delaware company formation, the Limited Liability Company must have these words after the company name or the abbreviation thereof i.e. Limited Liability Company, L.L.C., or LLC. 

Corporate Taxation

Delaware Limited Liability Company (LLC) does not pay US state or federal income tax if its owners are not US citizens or green card holders, its offices are located outside of the U.S., and the LLC does no business in the U.S. The IRS tax treatment of a Delaware LLC is on the flow-through tax basis. That is the LLC is not taxed on its profits. The income of the LLC is distributed to its members who are taxed on a personal income basis. Non-resident aliens are not taxable by the U.S. on income derived out of the U.S. If an LLC derives its income outside of the U.S., the non-resident aliens do not file tax returns. 

Audit and Financial statements

Delaware LLC is not required to file state or federal tax returns. Whilst there is no requirement to file audited accounts or annual returns with the authorities, a company is required to keep financial records, which should reflect the financial position of a company. An Annual Report is required only in cases, where there is distribution of profits to U.S. residents.

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